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The Indigenization of the digital world.

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Coders North is a free, online meeting place for teachers and their students to share, learn, partner and celebrate coding and the Indigenization of the digital world. If you’re not sure what that means, no need to worry. By exploring our portal, you’ll discover how Indigenous people are participating in these fields in meaningful and creative ways, giving back to their communities and contributing globally. We’re sure that you, too, will be motivated and inspired by what you see. Within our portal are five easy-to-navigate features:

Learning Modules
Interactive lessons that speak to Indigenous entrepreneurship, successful role models, computational thinking, coding and much more. These lessons are designed for grades 8-12 and are ready-to-go for any teacher interested in incorporating them into their class.
A method to track and showcase student progress in coding. Working as a class and individually, students work through various coding activities, earning a bead each time one is complete. Teachers and students can view their achievements at any time.
Cultural Mapping Tool
An invitation to participate in or view our interactive mapping application. First, you can participate in a module to learn how the application was created. Then, you’ll see how different Indigenous communities are reclaiming original place names, as well as highlighting the dynamic and historic elements of their culture, through story telling and traditional ways of coming to know.
Video Library
A collection of short videos that highlights experts in their field. Indigenous people and their allies showcase how they participate on the web and other social media in purposeful and playful ways. You’ll be introduced to artists, web designers, coders, app designers, gamers and more.
Resource Catalogue
Links to the most current and dynamic Indigenous led coding programs and initiatives.

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Why Coders North

We strongly believe in Truth and Reconciliation and when asked, share our resources with our Indigenous partners. In the case of Coders North, we collaborated on the creation of an educational platform for Indigenous youth, promoting the opportunities that are present through learning digital technology. At the same time, we are furthering the conversation about the exciting emerging niche Indigenous digital producers are carving out for themselves within that world.

The general population often takes for granted the content of everything we see on the internet, which effects how we perceive and interact with our world. Who is doing the creating then, has a profound impact on our societies. Indigenous peoples have been reclaiming their land, languages, traditions, worldviews, and, more recently, their right to participate as partners in Canada’s digital economy.

Participation in developing programming languages and digital content, alongside diverse cultures, including women and minority groups, gives way to new, necessary, and exciting perspectives within the tech world. Importantly, Indigenous participation in creating code and content, strengthens their communities both economically and culturally.

Our Team

Elephant Thoughts is the multi award winning umbrella organization for Coders North. We are a unique, diverse, and passionate group of educators determined to make excellence in education accessible to all children, especially those at a disadvantage. Our presence has been felt in several key places across the globe and our partnerships with Indigenous communities has been some of our most innovative and effective work to date.

Everywhere we work, we do so with the philosophy of supporting our partners with the resources they’ve requested to foster the growth and development they envision, rather than providing our own canned solutions.

STEM related educational programs have been one of our largest deliverables since our incorporation. In addition to other science options, our team teaches coding from introductory to employable levels. We teach robotics applications, digital production, and web applications, all in an accessible, hands-on, and engaging manner.

To learn more about Elephant Thoughts, please visit our website www.elephantthoughts.com